DJ Equipment Reviews

The best DJ equipment for the average user really doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Most DJs don’t actually buy those $4000 mixers you see sitting around in stores.

There are still many different types of DJs that are active today, and quite an array of different possible setups you could invest in. That is why it is important to know what you are getting yourself into when you are purchasing your DJ equipment.

For instance, if you buy a standalone mixer and then want to start using MIDI controllers, you might have some issues. Also, if you were to get the best CDJ controllers and you wanted to use them with DJ software, you would need to make sure that they have MIDI or timecode availability.

One problem with most DJs is that they really don’t have too much money to invest, and so when they do it is only on one part of their setup, arranging their purchases then becomes difficult. If you are looking for some help throughout this process, you have come to the right place.


DJ mixers are arguably the most important part of your setup, and a good portion of the time you spend using your hands while DJing will be on your mixer. This alone makes it important that you purchase a mixer you are comfortable using.

You want to make sure that you purchase the best mixer you can at the best possible price. As the price gets higher for the mixer, it doesn’t always necessarily mean it is better.

Many mixers have different amounts of channels and different means of connecting to a PA system. Unless you are using CDJs or turntables, you would probably prefer using a mixer a little bit different than this masterpiece from Pioneer to the right.


All-in-one MIDI controllers technically can qualify as mixers now, since many of them are equipped with state of the art DJ software to mimic the best DJ mixers.

Controllers can come with many different features and effects. Some of the nicer ones have screens and motorized platters.

If you wanting to have plenty of versatility you will want to get a controller with 4 channels. That way if you ever need to play an iPod or similar device at the last minute, you are ready.


Headphones should be considered really only for the fact that they only need to be used for cueing up songs and monitoring your mix. You can reach a point with quality headphones that you really don’t need as a DJ, unless you also produce your mixes on a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

If you also produce mixes, then there are plenty of great options that can serve as your DJ and studio monitoring headphones. Be sure to keep in mind that there is a pretty good price to pay for the best headphones.

Some of the cheapest headphones can give you a lot of bang for your buck. Most DJs tend to prefer the over-ear design on the right because it is an easy way to adjust which ears are on the crowd and mix and so on.


Speakers are the heart and soul of your sound output, and a very important part of your setup. There are many areas of your setup where you can take a cheap route, but speakers deserve extra consideration.

Some of the cheapest speakers tend to pop and break much more easily, and simply cannot take the hard use that the better ones can. If you are like many, you might just settle for something right in the middle of price and quality.

You also want to make sure your speakers have enough power to serve your clients. It can be a recipe for disaster if you were to show up to an event for 500 people with only 1000W of power.


DJ accessories are probably one of more underrated part of your setup. Many things you don’t think about needing will be where a good portion of your investment money will be going.

From small things like cords and adapters to bigger things like cases and coffins, you will inevitably want to purchase some nice DJ accessories. When you do, make sure you don’t sacrifice quality for price, because you do not want to have to replace broken DJ accessories.

If you ever have problems looking for quality priced DJ accessories, online or used seems to be the best way to go. Although, it isn’t very handy to order accessories online when you have an event that night.


Even the best DJs in the world have received quite a bit of tips along the way. If you are beginner, you are going to need to understand a lot of the basic DJ tips if you are hoping to become a professional.

Part of our mission with this website is to offer you plenty of tips to help you out along your path as a DJ. Whether you are a beginner are a seasoned professional, there is always something to learn.

If you are looking for more DJ tips check out our 7 DJ Tips for Beginner article, or simply just read around on our various reviews and tops 10s. Across our website you will find tips that will benefit both beginners and professionals alike.

While you are upgrading and purchasing new equipment, make sure to prioritize your purchases. Some parts of your setup are critical, whereas other parts don’t need to be upgraded right away.

Some of the best DJ equipment can be bought for relatively cheap prices. Always make sure you do your research on what it is you are buying so that you make sure you have exactly what you need.