Akai Professional Project 50x Headphone Review

Akai Professional Project 50x Headphone Review

Before jumping into this Akai Professional Project 50X headphone review, we feel there’s something that needs to be explained. If you are going to work as a professional DJ, you will need to have headphones. Before you spend your entire savings on a pair of the nicest headphones, bare a word of caution.

Headphones are one of the least important parts of your setup as a DJ. There are many DJs using only the top DJ headphones with the highest price tag, when in reality they only use them for cueing up the next song, or listening to a track that they don’t want played live.

Therefore, in writing this review, we will give you all of the important information you should keep in mind while selecting a pair of headphones to use for your live sets.

Top DJ Headphones? The Akai Professional Project 50x

Akai’s latest development is quickly becoming popular among DJs and music lovers alike. Boasting noise-cancelling technology, the classic “DJ headphone” look, portability, and a wide range of frequency response (10Hz-30kHz) these headphones are clearly for more than just DJs.

A Few Words on the Design

As a DJ, the classic earcup look for headphones remains a popular design. It isn’t difficult to imagine why, with this design it is easy to keep one ear on your next song, and the other on your crowd.

Of course, this same strategy can be practiced if you used any brand of cheap earbuds. More than likely, even with the cheapest pair of headphones possible you will still be able to cue up your next song to perfection.

In short, this is what is most important. Not the price tag or look of the headphones. However, the folding design of these headphones are sure to be a great selling point for DJs looking for portability.

Do I need noise-cancelling headphones as a DJ?

There are many DJs who will swear by noise-cancelling headphones, and there are DJs who will say they’re unnecessary. Our word of advice is this: if you have the extra money, noise cancelling headphones can be a great way to cue up the next song on your set, but they really are not a necessity.

Any pair of headphones that you can plug into your system, in all reality, will suffice.

If you have the extra money, and the desire, you might as well invest in a nice pair of noise-cancelling headphones like the Akai Professional Project 50X headphones. But if you would rather spend your money on another part of your setup, your performance will not take a toll.

No matter what type of headphones you use, with a little bit of skill on a mixer you will be able to hear a cued song regardless of the size of the crowd or volume of the music you are playing.

Killer Quality from Akai’s Latest

The Akai Professional Project 50X headphones are capable of producing sound quality that is better than mp3 or CD quality. Thus, to harness the full capability of these headphones you would need to listen to WAV files, or any sort of uncompressed music file.

This is why they are also being promoted to audio engineers as “studio monitor” headphones. This implies that these headphones produce sound quality comparable to a professional studio.

This is more than likely misleading, as no brand of headphones can fully replace the tens of thousands of dollars of equipment present at any professional recording studio. This probably illustrates the brand’s desire to reach a wide-array of users, rather than focusing on single particular market.

Basic Rundown of the Akai Professional Project 50X

Key Features:

  • Portable, foldable design with included travel case
  • Noise-cancelling technology
  • 10Hz-30kHz frequency response covers a wide spectrum
  • Included 50mm dynamic transducer for more bass.
  • Interchangeable cords, allowing for freedom in cord length.
  • Great for a wide-array of music listening


  • Classic “DJ headphone” design.
  • Portable, foldable, design with included leather case.
  • 180-degree swiveling earcups
  • Noise cancelling capability.
  • Wide range of frequency response (10Hz-30kHz).
  • Two detachable cables for less cord tangle.
  • Included 1/8” to 1/4” adapter


  • Loose-fit cushioning can impede noise cancelling
  • Bass and treble boosters can make the music sound flat
  • Not the “studio monitor quality” that is advertised

Who should purchase these headphones?

Every DJ wants to use the best DJ headphones. DJ headphone reviews like this are simply just a means to help you discover what may be right for you.

If you think that these headphones are a product that will help you cue up songs properly, then purchase them! However, as discussed above you will always be able to perform perfectly regardless of the type of headphones you use. 

Only purchase these headphones if they are a tool that you desire to add to your setup, not because you think they will make you a better DJ. Top DJ headphones will not make your sets sound better.

The Customer’s Point of View: The Reviews Speak

The Akai Professional Project 50X headphones have received great reviews from customers. Most consumers say that the headphones are very professionally sounding, reasonably priced, and well equipped for diverse types of use.

Among the excess of positive reviews, there are some that are a little more transparent and critical. There are audio engineers who claim these should never be used for any sort of mixing, and there are others who say that the noise cancelling technology simply doesn’t work.

Lastly, with what may be a deal breaker to many, several customers complain that the headphones are not comfortable. As a DJ, you will be wearing your headphones for several hours at a time; comfort is quite important.


How much do these headphones cost?

  • The headphones price ranges depending on where you purchase it from, but these are a mid-range piece of equipment and a must-have for all DJs.

Where can I get these headphones?

Is there any type of warranty for these headphones?

  • There is no warranty listed for these headphones. If you buy them, make sure you take good care of them!

Will I need to get an adapter to plug these headphones into my mixer?

  • The Akai Professional Project 50X headphones come included with a 1/8” to 1/4” adapter to accommodate DJs with 1/4” headphone inputs.

Final Verdict

The Akai Professional Project 50X headphones are high-quality headphones that are more than capable of taking on the requirements necessary to aid in DJing. Remember that headphones like these are simply a fancier and more expensive approach to accomplishing what can be done for much less. 

Headphones should not be an area where you spend a whole lot of money on your DJ setup, unless you have the extra change. If you have the extra money, then go ahead and make your setup look a little bit nicer by getting some good-looking top DJ headphones like the Akai Professional Project 50X headphones.

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