Behringer XENYX502 5-Channel Mixer Review

Behringer XENYX502 5-Channel Mixer Review - Front Angle

If you are using a setup which is limited by the number of channels, there are cheap options available for you to consider. This Behringer XENYX502 5-Channel Mixer review will inform you of the benefits and drawbacks of using a simplified standalone mixer with your setup. Unless you are using standalone equipment already, odds are … Read more

Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 Review

Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 Review

An exceptional DJ mixer calls for great sound quality, a whole range of track effects, flexible compatibility, solid connectivity, and an easy-to-comprehend interface. In this post, I’ll take you through a thorough Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 review which checks all of these boxes. By the end, you should have a deeper insight into how and why … Read more

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Review

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Review - Top Down

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Review Many DJs have been making the switch to all-in-one digital MIDI controllers. In this Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 review we will be covering this product in detail, as well as any concerns you may have in making the switch to MIDI products in general. When we first tried MIDI products, we were surprised … Read more

Best DJ Mixers

As we mention on the homepage, the mixer you choose is quite essential. If you’re a beginner, you want to spend as much as you can afford on a quality mixer to help you out in the long run. If you’re an amateur DJ with a bit of money coming in from gigging, it may … Read more