Top 5 DJs and What Equipment They Use

Top 5 DJs and the Equipment They Use

DJs who are trying to become better and learn their style often look up to more successful DJs. This is a natural thing to do. As far as equipment is concerned, you might be surprised to hear that many of the top 5 DJs of 2017 use very similar setups. The reason for this is … Read more

David Guetta Bio

David Guetta Bio

Being a DJ, producer, and songwriter, David Guetta has been involved in creating some of the best dance songs in recent years. While you are reading this David Guetta bio, reflect on who David Guetta is as a person, and how you can truly be just like him if you simply pick up some equipment … Read more

DJ Calvin Harris Bio

DJ Calvin Harris Profile (Calvin Harris receiving the Icon of the Future Award, Aug. 2016) DJ Calvin Harris is a modern DJ that is truly special in his own way, and has risen to prominence for a wide array of reasons, not just for being a DJ. Also popular for what he can do as … Read more