The 10 Best DJ Controllers of 2024

Are you ready to take your DJ career to the next level? If so, then it’s time to invest in a high quality DJ controller. But with so many options on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you and your needs? Don’t worry – our comprehensive DJ Controller Buying Guide has got you covered! We’ll break down all of the features and specs that matter most when shopping for a controller, helping you make an informed decision without any guesswork. Whether you’re just starting out or are already an experienced pro behind the decks, this guide will provide everything needed to find the perfect fit. So let’s get started!

What Is A DJ Controller?

A DJ controller is an essential piece of equipment for any aspiring or professional disc jockey. It’s a device that lets the user control their music from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It provides tactile access to all the controls needed to mix and play tracks in real-time. The majority of controllers come with two jog wheels, faders, knobs, and buttons that are assigned to various functions depending on the software being used. This allows DJs to create soundscapes and beats with ease.

Understanding your needs & requirements as a DJ is key when it comes to picking out the right controller. Every situation is different so having an idea of what you want before making a purchase will help ensure you get the best product for your setup.

Recommended DJ Controllers

Sale 17%Bestseller No. 1
Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 2-deck Rekordbox and Serato DJ Controller – Graphite
  • 2-deck DJ Controller with Multi-device Compatibility
  • USB Audio Output – Graphite
  • Streaming Integration
Sale 20%Bestseller No. 2
Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1 2-deck Serato DJ Controller
  • 2-deck DJ Controller f Serato DJ with Battle-style Setup
  • Built-in Microphone Input
  • Tracking Scratch
Bestseller No. 3
Numark Party Mix II – DJ Controller with Party Lights, DJ Set with 2 Decks, DJ Mixer, Audio Interface and USB Connectivity + Serato DJ Lite
  • Complete Algoriddim djay and Serato DJ System – USB DJ Equipment for beginners with 2 DJ decks of control, built-in…
  • Exciting DJ Lighting FX Plus all DJ Equipment Essentials You Demand – Built-in LED DJ light show syncs to your DJ mix;…
  • Get Hands-On with your DJ Set – Performance pads with 4 DJ pad FX: Effect, Cue, Loop, and Sampler; Filter knobs and…
Bestseller No. 4
Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 MK2 — Ideal DJ Controller for Learning to Mix — Software and Tutorials Included, Black
  • Learn the basics of DJing with help from the Beatmatch Guide (built-in Tempo and Beat Align light guides)
  • Be creative and create infinite variations of mixes with the STEMS feature
  • Integrates music streaming services for mixing tracks (Beatport ADVANCED, Beatsource, SoundCloud GO+ or TIDAL)
Bestseller No. 5
Numark Mixtrack Pro FX – 2 Deck DJ Controller For Serato DJ with DJ Mixer, Built-in Audio Interface, Capacitive Touch Jog Wheels and FX Paddles
  • Complete Serato DJ System – DJ Controller for Serato DJ Lite (Included) with 2 decks of control, built-in 24-bit audio…
  • Touch and Feel Your DJ Mix – Large 6-inch capacitive-touch jog wheels emulate an authentic turntable feel – perfect…
  • Personalize your DJ Set – Six Fun, quick-launch FX with dual paddle triggers; dedicated instant loop controls; eight…
Bestseller No. 6
Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX – DJ Controller For Serato DJ with 4 Deck Control, DJ Mixer, Built-in Audio Interface, Jog Wheel Displays and FX Paddles
  • Complete Serato DJ System – DJ Controller for Serato DJ Lite (Included) with 4 decks of control, built-in 24-bit audio…
  • Visualize Your DJ Mix – Large 6-inch capacitive-touch jog wheels with high-resolution color displays that show beats per…
  • Personalize your DJ Set – Six Fun, quick-launch FX with dual paddle triggers; dedicated instant loop controls; eight…
Sale 18%Bestseller No. 7
Hercules DJControl Mix – Bluetooth Wireless DJ Controller for Smartphones (iOS and Android) – dJay app – 2 Decks, White
  • Bluetooth Wireless Controller For Android And Iphone Smartphones; Also For Android Tablets And Ipad
  • Easily Mix On Your Smartphone Via Bluetooth Low Energy — Connecting Is Simple And Quick
  • Controls the djay app available free of charge and for unlimited use on Android and iOS (no need to pay for the app:…
Bestseller No. 8
Numark DJ2GO2 Touch – Compact 2 Deck USB DJ Controller For Serato DJ with a Mixer / Crossfader, Audio Interface and Touch Capacitive Jog Wheels
  • Ultra-Portable, Feature Packed – Compact 2 channel Serato DJ Lite (Included) USB DJ Controller for Mac and PC; MIDI…
  • Connectivity Covered – On-board audio interface with 1/8-inch headphone output and 1/8-inch main output for complete…
  • Total Mix Control – 2 DJ decks with a crossfader, touch capacitive jog-wheels and pitch faders – access to all the…
Bestseller No. 9
Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500: 2-deck USB DJ controller for Serato DJ and DJUCED (included)
  • 2-Deck Usb Dj Controller With Built-In Audio Interface And Hardware Input Mixer For Audio Inputs
  • 16 Backlit Rgb Pads, Vinyl Function, Loop In/Loop Out Buttons
  • Smooth, Original Transitions Between Tracks Thanks To The Filter/Fx Area. Large Jog Wheels With Touch Detection For…
Sale 7%Bestseller No. 10
Hercules DJ DJControl Starlight | Pocket USB DJ Controller with Serato DJ Lite, Touch-Sensitive Jog Wheels, Built-in Sound Card and Built-in Light Show
  • The perfect DJ controller to introduce you to DJing, with Serato DJ Lite included
  • Built-in sound card to pre-listen to the headphones and speaker outputs
  • Control the back, lights on the base: RGB and strobe effects

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Understanding Your Needs & Requirements

Now that you have a better understanding of what a DJ Controller is and how it works, the next step in selecting one for your needs is to understand your own needs and requirements. It’s important to consider factors like budget, space constraints, features, usability, portability and more when making this decision.

The best way to figure out exactly what type of controller you need is by asking yourself some questions: What kind of music do I want to make? How much am I willing to spend on my controller? Do I plan on traveling with it often? What type of performance capabilities do I need? Answering these questions will help you determine precisely which controller fits into your criteria. With that knowledge in hand, you can then move onto the next section focusing on types of controllers available.

Types Of Controllers Available

There are many types of controllers available on the market today, with various features and capabilities. DJ Controllers come in all shapes and sizes, from entry-level to professional grade models. Most will have a two-deck layout, but some may also include additional channels for extra decks or effects. Additionally, there are options that feature turntables instead of CDJs, as well as standalone units which can be used independently without need for laptop integration. Midi controllers offer an even greater range of customization and control over audio software programs like Ableton Live and Traktor. With such a wide variety of choices it is important to understand what each type has to offer before making a purchase decision.

No matter what level you’re at or what your budget is, there is surely something out there that meets your needs – so make sure you do your research! It’s time to move onto the next step: considering the factors when buying a controller.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Controller

Now that you have a better understanding of the types of DJ controllers available, it’s important to consider certain factors when purchasing one. Here are three things to keep in mind:

  • Price – While there is no need to break the bank on your controller purchase, higher-end models tend to have more features and controls than entry level ones. Make sure you get something within your budget that meets all of your needs.
  • Durability – You want something that can handle the wear and tear from gigs and travel. Look for controllers made with quality materials such as aluminum or steel chassis, rubberized knobs and buttons, etc.
  • Size & Weight – If portability is important for you, make sure you check out the dimensions and weight before buying. This will help ensure that it fits into your bag without making it too heavy to carry around comfortably.

These are just some basic considerations when shopping for a new DJ controller but there is another factor which is equally important: software compatibility. It’s critical to make sure your chosen controller works well with whatever digital audio workstation (DAW) software you use.

Software Compatibility

When looking for a DJ controller, software compatibility is key. You want to make sure the controller you’re buying works with your preferred DJ apps and music streaming services. Most of today’s controllers are compatible with popular programs like Traktor, Serato, and Rekordbox. It’s also important to check that any additional features or effects your device offers will work with these programs as well. Additionally, if you plan on streaming directly from your controller, be sure it supports the platform of choice (e.g., Twitch).

Overall, taking into account the various aspects of software compatibility can help ensure you get the most out of your new DJ controller. Knowing what type of output options it has and which program(s) it integrates with will enable you to mix more efficiently and effectively. Moving forward, audio interface should also be considered when shopping for a digital DJ setup.

Audio Interface

An audio interface is an essential piece of equipment for any DJ setup. It allows you to record and playback music from your computer, as well as connect a variety of devices like microphones, instruments and more. When buying an audio interface, look for one that has the right number of inputs and outputs according to what type of gear you want to use with it. Also make sure it’s compatible with the software or hardware you are using. Make sure the latency rate is low so there won’t be any lag when playing back tracks. Additionally, consider getting one with MIDI capability, if applicable. This will allow you to control other pieces of equipment within your setup from your controller. With all these factors in mind, you should have no problem finding the perfect audio interface for your needs. Moving on to connectivity & I/O options…

Connectivity & I/O Options

When buying a DJ controller, it’s important to consider your setup. What kind of equipment are you connecting with and how do they communicate? Are there dedicated inputs or outputs for certain connections? Doing research beforehand helps narrow down the options that are compatible with your existing gear.

Also look at what kinds of I/O ports the controller offers: USB, MIDI, line-in, headphone jacks etc. Make sure these will match up with any external devices you may want to use in conjunction with the controller. Being aware of the type of connection needed for each piece of hardware is essential in finding the right DJ controller for your set up. Connectivity and I/O choices can often be overlooked when making a purchase decision – but understanding them upfront ensures smooth integration into an existing system. With this information on hand, you’ll now have all the insight needed to make an informed choice about knobs, faders, buttons & pads.

Knobs, Faders, Buttons & Pads

A DJ’s controller should not just be about connectivity and I/O options, but also about the tactile experience. Knobs, Faders, Buttons & Pads are a major part of any performance-oriented controller and it is essential to pick one which gives you ease of access for all your needs. Here’s what to look out for:

  1. Knobs – These can range from single dials that adjust parameters through multiple encoders or endless rotary knobs with LED rings and displays. Consider how many knobs you need as well as the size and feel of them when deciding on your model.
  2. Faders – Look out for ones with smooth curves and good control resolution in addition to solid build quality. Crossfader curves can make a huge difference so try different types before committing to one model.
  3. Buttons & Pads – How they respond makes a big difference too! Look at models that have pads which react quickly yet sensitively enough to produce subtle nuances in sound when required. The buttons should provide positive feedback without feeling clunky or overloaded with functions.

It pays off in dividends to carefully consider these elements since they will have an impact on every mix you create – both live and digital recordings alike! Build quality & durability are next up on our list – no matter how great its features are, if a controller starts falling apart after only a few gigs…it’s time to move onto another option!

Build Quality & Durability

It’s important to consider build quality and durability when choosing a DJ controller. Look for controllers that are built with high-quality materials that can withstand regular use. It should also be easy to transport, so check the weight of the controller and any necessary cables before you buy. If there is an option to purchase a hard carrying case, this might be worth considering as it will help protect your investment over time.

Price point is another important factor in selecting a DJ controller. You’ll want to make sure you get the best value for your money without sacrificing on features or sound quality. Research different brands and models carefully before making your decision to ensure you find one that fits within your budget and meets all of your needs.

Price Point

Once you’ve determined the build quality and durability of a DJ controller, it’s time to consider its price point. Most standard controllers range from $100-$400 USD, while more advanced models can exceed $1,000 USD or more. It is important to remember that higher priced units are typically better equipped with features such as large jog wheels, full-featured loop and cue controls, built-in effects processors, and other useful tools. That said, if your budget does not permit purchasing an expensive model, there are plenty of mid-range options available on the market which will still provide great performance for less money.

When looking at any potential purchase, be sure to research reviews and ratings from customers who have already used the product before making a final decision. This type of feedback can help you gain insight into how reliable a specific controller actually is in real life scenarios.

Reviews & Ratings

It’s important to read reviews and ratings before making a purchase. Reviews will tell you what people liked and disliked about the product, while ratings can give you an indication of how popular it is among other buyers. When looking at reviews, make sure they are from reliable sources that have tested the controller thoroughly. Also take into account any customer service issues or technical problems reported by users. This should help you narrow down your choices and decide which one is right for you.

As well as reading reviews and ratings, consider asking fellow DJs who use specific controllers for their opinion on them. They could provide valuable insights based on their experience with the device, such as its reliability over time or ease of use in certain scenarios. With all this information, you’ll be better equipped to pick out the best DJ controller for your needs. From here, we can move onto discussing warranty coverage so you know exactly what kind of protection comes with your purchase.

Warranty Coverage

When it comes to purchasing a DJ controller, one of the most important factors to consider is warranty coverage. Most products come with some sort of manufacturer’s or retailer’s warranty that covers any defects or malfunctions from normal use within an allotted time frame. It’s also possible to purchase extended warranties for extra peace of mind.

It’s important to read and understand the terms of each warranty before making your purchase. Know what type of damage or wear-and-tear issues are covered, as well as how long you can expect repairs or replacements to take in case something does go wrong. Knowing this information ahead of time will help put your mind at ease when shopping around for the right product. With all these considerations taken into account, you’ll be ready to move on to evaluating the accessories included in the package.

Accessories Included In The Package

When you’re buying a DJ controller, it’s important to consider the accessories included in the package. These can vary depending on which kit you choose and what type of setup you are looking for. Generally speaking, most packages will include:

  • Cables:
  • Output RCA cables for connection to speakers or amplifiers
  • USB cables for connecting your laptop or computer to the controller
  • Software:
  • A version of some popular DJ software such as Serato DJ Pro, VirtualDJ 8 LE, Traktor Pro 2 or Rekordbox DJ
  • Many controllers will come with an activation code so that users do not have to purchase additional software separately
  • Other Accessories:
  • Slipmats, dust covers and other useful items such as headphones may also be included in certain packages.

It is therefore beneficial to compare different models when selecting one since they often come with different bundled accessories. This way you can get all the necessary components without having to buy them separately. Having said this, even if a particular model does not come with everything you need right away it may still be worth considering due to its potential for upgrades down the line.

Upgrading Possibilities

The possibilities of upgrading your DJ controller are endless! Depending on the model, you may be able to upgrade certain aspects such as sound cards, preamps and software. Upgrading components can give an added level of performance or features that weren’t present in the original unit.

You should also consider whether there’s a way to expand your system with additional controllers or hardware peripheral devices. This could involve linking multiple systems together so they can all be used at once, adding extra inputs for more tracks, or integrating midi-enabled instruments into your setup. All these options offer increased flexibility and open up new creative possibilities. When it comes time to buy a new controller, researching what type of upgrades are available is key for ensuring you get the most out of your purchase. With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to move onto the next section: Best Brands for DJ Controllers.

Best Brands For DJ Controllers

When shopping for a DJ controller, it’s important to consider the brand. Different brands offer different features and price points. Pioneer is one of the most popular manufacturers of DJ equipment due to their versatility and quality. They make controllers that range from beginner-friendly models to professional-grade devices with advanced performance capabilities.

Numark is another great option for DJs looking for reliable yet affordable gear. Their mid-range products provide plenty of options in terms of sound quality and ease of use while still being cost effective. Traktor by Native Instruments also has some excellent offerings, including their line of S4 MK3 controllers designed specifically for digital DJs. Ultimately, each brand offers its own unique set of features so be sure to do your research before making a purchase decision.


In conclusion, choosing the right DJ controller is a very important decision. It requires taking into consideration the type of controller to get, software compatibility, warranty coverage, accessories included in the package and upgrading possibilities. As well as understanding your own needs and requirements so that you can be sure you are getting the best product for yourself.

When it comes to purchasing a DJ controller there are many trusted brands available with features that fit almost any budget or skill level. Some popular brands include Native Instruments, Pioneer DJ and Denon DJ who offer controllers ranging from beginner all-in-one units to professional club grade models. So no matter what kind of setup you need for your home or stage performances, you’ll find something suitable on the market today.

Overall, by researching the different types of DJ controllers available and familiarising yourself with their specs and functions before making a purchase will ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for at a price point that works for you. With this guide I hope I’ve helped steer you in the right direction towards finding your perfect match!