About Us

DJ Equipment Reviews was founded by two guys with years of experience across all aspects of the DJing/music production culture.  We’ve seen and done it all, so we wanted to create this website to share some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way, including reviews of popular equipment in the DJ landscape.

We’re excited by the advance of DJ technology, but we also realize how overwhelming decisions can be when you’re ready to make a purchase. From vinyl to software controllers to CDJs, we’ve tested a wide variety of equipment, both good and bad.  The internet has blessed us with a lot of content reviewing equipment like mixers, speakers, headphones, and software controllers, but it’s not always accurate or too in-depth, so it left us wanting something more.

Our reviews will give you a complete analysis of each piece of equipment covering the pros, cons, usage, alternatives, pricing, and of course the quality.  It’s important to do proper research when shopping for a new product, so we aim to deliver as much information as possible across all of the categories.

In addition to single product reviews, we post product roundups and top 10 lists that will help you see equipment categories as a whole and get a good idea of the available options.  Use these features to compare what’s out there to narrow down the right option for you.

While our top 10 features showcase our thoughts on the best equipment available for all experience levels, the product roundup posts on this site will give you an overview of products in a specific category based on individual experience levels, situations, or features.  An example of a product roundup is our “Best DJ Mixers for Beginners” post.

If you’re looking for more information on the art of DJing itself, we’ve also got features on tips and tricks to help you learn/improve your skills.  We hope to push out content that will help everyone including beginners, amateurs and veterans.

So there you have it — an overview of who we are and what we are trying to deliver to you through DJEquipmentReviews.com!  If you have questions or suggestions regarding the site, feel free to contact us using the menu option at the top of the site.