Top 10 DJ Accessories

Top 10 DJ Accessories

Accessories for a DJ are usually at the bottom of the budget, and can get tossed under the rug financially. This is a list of the top 10 DJ accessories that are both useful and life-saving.

Some may seem like no-brainers; some you may have never heard of. At the end of the day, we are all in this business to share information with each other.

Here are the top 10 DJ accessories:

10. American DJ Tape

Using duct tape will be rare, but when you do use it it will be life-saving. As a professional DJ, duct tape will save your performance multiple times throughout your career, make sure you carry some with you at all times.

The only problem with duct tape is that is can destroy things that it is placed on. This is why we would recommend getting a low residue product like the American DJ Tape.

Of course, there are many other options to consider as far as duct tape is concerned. Just remember that you will likely only purchase 1 or 2 rolls that will last you over 5 years.


9. Power Management (Eliminator E107 Control Center)

As a professional DJ, you will always be needing more outlets for something. As a result, it is truly best if you purchase a power supply that leave you with plenty of ability to be creative and add to your setup.

The Eliminator E107 Control Center will give you 8 separate three prong outlets. These sorts of systems are great for a couple reasons: they are easy to store and screw into rack cases, and they also eliminate cord mess.


8. A Rack Case

If you are using products like power amplifiers, wireless microphones, or power strips you may have already noticed that these products can be safely screwed into a case. Products like the Gator Cases 10 Space Rack Case are a worthy investment that you will always cherish.

With rack cases, you can carry multiple components in one case without worrying that any of them will break. For this reason, they are invaluable.

7. RCA to Headphone Adapter

Being able to connect an iPod, phone, or any Mp3 device to your setup is a must as a DJ. This accounts more for the things that you don’t see coming, rather than the things that you do see coming.

When anything fails that could kill your sound, you can always revert to using an iPod. There are also circumstances where you will need to take a request from an iPod.

Having a quality cord from a trusted brand like the Monster iCable will prove at one point or another to be a lifesaver.

6. Dual RCA to RCA cords

Unless you are using a completely digital setup, you will likely need to have RCA cables for hooking up controllers to a mixer, or for various other components in hooking up your setup. RCA cords are one of the products that truly may be a must have

We recommend quality over price for cables since your connection strength can have an effect on your sound quality. The Monster DJ RCA Stereo Cables are a great possibility for you to explore, and are really not that expensive.

5. A Nice Gig Bag

As a DJ, you are drowning in cords. Surely you have already started to get good at wrapping up your cords properly, but do you store them properly too?

With a nice gig bag like the Odyssey Space Rack Bag, you have plenty of space to securely store all the extra things you will naturally acquire and take from event to event.


4. Laptop Stand

If you are using a laptop with your setup you have surely already come across an issue with being able to quickly use it in accordance with your controls. This is why we suggest considering a laptop stand.

The laptop stand perfect for your setup may be hard to come by, but if you are using a Mac PC then you should consider looking at this Portable Laptop Stand. Its portability makes it a great way to clear up space in your setup for your laptop.

3. A Coffin

When you have the classic DJ setup with 2 CDJs and a mixer, it becomes nearly a necessity to get a coffin. Using and storing part of your setup in a coffin proves to be a very convenient thing to do.

Coffins like the Odyssey CD DJ Coffin Case prove to especially easy for all of a DJ’s needs, since they include wheels and a very sturdy design. If you are going to get a coffin you want to make sure it is nice for hard use, storage, and transport.

2. External Hard Drive

If you don’t already have one, you will soon have a massive music library, and you might even have music videos or karaoke libraries to throw into your total collection. You will sooner or later need a place to store all of this information, and it is very easy to transport your entire music library to other DJ setups if you carry all of your files on a hard drive.

For portability, price, and capacity, we recommend the WD 1TB My Passport. Western Digital is a great brand of hard drives, and you can always buy 2TB if you think 1TB isn’t enough space.

1. Dancefloor Lighting

Dancefloor lighting/atmosphere can make or break an event. It is also one of the most expensive parts of being a DJ.

In many circumstances, what you are trying to accomplish with dancefloor lighting can be accomplished by using a wide array of budget bundles. One great deal on DJ lighting right now is the American DJ Supply LED Party Pak 2 which can of course be bundled with much more expensive lighting systems.


All of these products are the best DJ accessories if you’re on a budget. Top DJ accessories can really be different based on the individual needs of each DJ.

However, we hope we have illustrated that some of the best DJ accessories can be much more affordable than you might have imagined. This top 10 DJ accessories list should only be used as a reference in helping you make informed choices.

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