David Guetta Bio

Being a DJ, producer, and songwriter, David Guetta has been involved in creating some of the best dance songs in recent years. While you are reading this David Guetta bio, reflect on who David Guetta is as a person, and how you can truly be just like him if you simply pick up some equipment and learn how to DJ.

David Guetta Bio

Guetta is widely known to be an excellent EDM DJ, and is credited as being one of the pioneers of the EDM music, especially in regards to merging it with hip-hop and pop music. A typical David Guetta song features hard-hitting 808s, a melodic theme, and a singer and/or rapper providing vocals to the track.

If you want to make a name for yourself in the music industry, remember that even David Guetta got his start in the business as a humble club DJ. With the name he built for himself at a local club in his hometown, he was able to establish himself as a globally known artist.

David Guetta also thrives at creating remixes of old songs, a technique now known as “sampling,” which is also where hip-hop receives a lot of its roots. Guetta remixes music from many different genres, ranging from classic hip-hop artists like Public Enemy to older moguls such as David Bowie

Who is David Guetta?

David Guetta is famous DJ, producer, and songwriter who has helped create some of the most popular dance songs from the late 2000s to today.

Where is David Guetta from?

Despite working with a lineup of mostly American artists, David Guetta is actually from Paris, France.


David Guetta Bio

Born in Paris, France, Pierre David Guetta began his career in the music industry at a local club in Paris. It didn’t take long for him to discover his favorite style of music, and he began producing his own EDM music and collaborating with local acts in the mid-90s.

David Guetta has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Avicii, Afrojack, Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, Ludacris, Kid Cudi, Fetty Wap, Sia, and much more. Due to his talent and success, he has risen to become easily one of the most prominent DJs in the world.

Guetta’s 2009 album One Love was his first commercially successful work, and helped him reach ears worldwide. The top songs from that album included the singles Memories, Sexy Chick, When Love Takes Over, and Gettin’ Over You.

Since his first mainstream release, Guetta has been one of the top artists in the world, and he still is able to sport this reputation today. Releasing hit after hit, one can only wonder how long Guetta’s streak of success will continue.

What type of DJ Equipment does David Guetta Use?

David Guetta is one of the top DJs in the world and he uses some of the best DJ Equipment available. For example he has been known to use the Pioneer DJM-900NXS Professional DJ Mixer. While in the studio he uses the Akai Professional LPK25 keyboard to create his catchy tunes.

What are the most famous David Guetta songs?

Although David Guetta has a considerably large library of popular songs, we have ranked the following songs in order of their performance on the Top 100 Billboard Charts. Many songs not included on this list held number one spots in individual countries, however Guetta has yet to reach the worldwide number one Billboard spot.

5. Hey Mama feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack


Peak Billboard Position: 16
Billboard Peak Date: 6/6/15

4. Titanium Feat. Sia


Peak Billboard Position: 10
Billboard Peak Date: 2/16/13

3. Sexy Chick feat. Akon


Peak Billboard Position: 5
Billboard Peak Date: 2/13/10

2. Without You feat. Usher


Peak Billboard Position: 4
Billboard Peak Date: 11/26/11

1. Turn Me On, Nicki Minaj


Peak Billboard Position: 4
Billboard Peak Date: 2/4/12

How old is David Guetta

David Guetta age is currently 49. Given his age, he is one of the oldest active artists whose fan base is dominated by young people.

What’s new with David Guetta?

David Guetta Bio

For whatever reason, 2016 was not the year for David Guetta to release much more new music. This could be showing a change of focus in his career, or it could simply illustrate that he wanted to do more live shows.

Throughout 2016-17, David Guetta has had a worldwide tour, playing on several continents in various counties. He also recently won NRJ’s 2016 award for Best French DJ, proving that he can still mix like anybody’s business.

David Guetta also appears to be a single man after going through a divorce in 2014 to a woman he had been married to for over two decades. Unless he has already found a new girlfriend, women around the world can now arrive front row at any of his shows and hope for the best.

In summary, if you want to hear from Mr. Guetta you will probably have to go see him live at a show, or listen to one of his classic tunes. It appears that we can expect to see him at a show, but we might not be able to hear a new album from him for a little while.

Here is what we heard from David Guetta in 2016:

  • Disciples – Single.
  • Would I Lie to You Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis – Single.

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